Fourth District Kindness Awards

Supervisor Doug Chaffee hosted the virtual Second Annual Kindness Awards Ceremony on Friday, November 13th.

Following the Former Mayor of Anaheim Tom Tait’s successful initiative to encourage acts of kindness, Supervisor Chaffee asked residents in the Fourth District to nominate individuals who display exceptional kindness and/or community service and who live, work, serve, and/or volunteer in the Fourth Supervisorial District Cities.

“I was inspired by the Honorable Tom Tait, who promoted Anaheim as a City of Kindness, to promote kindness in the Fourth District. Kindness provides a foundational bridge that connects people, no matter their situation, experiences, or beliefs. I am honored to be able to recognize individuals in the Fourth District who are promoting kindness towards others,” said Supervisor Chaffee.

Nominations for the Kindness Award were accepted from September 7, 2020 to October 16, 2020. A total of received 35 nominations from across the Fourth District.

A panel of judges scored the nominees' applications for the Kindness Awards: The Honorable Tom Tait, The Honorable Bill Steiner, Charles Barfield, and Joe Pak. After the judges scored the applications, an honoree with the highest application score was chosen from each city in the Fourth District.

The honorees for the Second Annual Kindness Awards Ceremony were: George G. Grachen from the City of Anaheim, Pastor Doug Green from the City of Brea, Carol McCann from the City of Buena Park, the Monson Family and the KM Legacy Foundation from the City of Fullerton, Carrie Surich from the City of La Habra, and Brian Yamaguchi from the City of Placentia.

Supervisor Chaffee also recognized Gustavo "Gus" Castellanos from the City of Placentia for the Honorary Kindness Award.